Teen Anxiety Treatment in DFW

Teen Anxiety Treatment Programs

IOP+ & PHP+ Treatment Center for Dallas-Fort Worth Teen Anxiety

Charis Behavioral Health provides Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) & Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) treatment for generalized anxiety in teens and kids throughout the DFW area. Our treatment model works to decrease symptoms of anxiety through a variety of creative therapeutic interventions that are best suited for each teen.

Types of Childhood Anxiety Disorders

  • Social Anxiety

    Social anxiety is a marked and persistent fear of one or more social situations in which the person is faced with possible scrutiny from others. This fear leads to avoidance of social situations and lasts for more than 6 months.

  • Academic Anxiety

    Academic anxiety can be defined as excessive worry (apprehensive expectation) and anxiety related to school performance. This anxiety and worry cause significant distress or impairment in the child’s functioning.

  • Performance Anxiety

    Performance anxiety is a persistent fear and avoidance of situations in which a person is required to perform in front of others and becomes hyper-focused on possible scrutiny. This is a form of social anxiety that impacts the functioning of the person for at least 6 months.

  • Panic Attacks

    A person with a social anxiety disorder might suffer from panic attacks that are situationally bound. This means that the panic attacks are precipitated by a situation in which the person is exposed, or potentially exposed, to the social situation that triggers them.

How to Help Your Child with Anxiety

There are many ways you can help your child with anxiety.
  • Schedule Therapist Assessment

    Take your child in for an assessment with a therapist. It is important to get recommendations from a clinician in order to determine treatment needs for your child.

  • Do Breathing Exercises

    Do breathing exercises with your child on a regular basis. These can be used to help regulate your child when they become anxious. Try breathing in for 3 counts, holding for 2, then out for 3.

  • Challenge Negative Thoughts

    Help your child challenge negative thoughts. Your child might say “I’ll never be as good as my friend at soccer”. As a parent, you can say things like “your friend has been playing for many years” and encourage them to set realistic goals.

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DFW Mental Health Programs for Adolescents Suffering From Anxiety

Intensive Outpatient Program+

The Intensive Outpatient Program+ (IOP) at Charis Behavioral Health is a treatment program designed to give your child and family the opportunity to implement the skills taught in PHP. During this time, the DFW treatment team helps the teen and family process and problem-solve when the teen is spending more time at home.

Partial Hospitalization Program+

The Partial Hospitalization Program+ (PHP) at Charis Behavioral Health is designed to treat severe anxiety disorders that are causing a major disruption in the lives of the child and family. Charis takes a system approach, which includes treating the child and family as a whole in an effort to decrease symptoms.

Anxiety Assessments for Children & Teens

DFW Child Anxiety Assessment

Charis uses assessments such as an in-home consultation, psychological evaluation, and biopsychosocial assessment to gain a full understanding of how anxiety impacts the child and family.

How Adolescents & Kids With Anxiety Can Benefit From IOP+ & PHP+
Anxiety Medication for Dallas-Fort Worth Teens & Kids
We treat anxiety with the whole child in mind. Children and adolescents have bodies and brains that are still developing, because of this our Dallas-Fort Worth medical staff is thoughtful and intentional in the recommendation and prescribing of medications. Through the utilization of genetic testing, we are able to gain insights into which medications may have the greatest efficacy and apply this knowledge in the guidance of current and future medications.
Therapy for DFW Kids & Teens with Anxiety

Charis Behavioral Health provides intensive therapy at different levels of care for teens with anxiety. Our therapists use evidence-based treatment models such as cognitive behavioral therapy to enhance treatment results. We also provide group therapy, individual therapy, and family therapy to DFW clients.

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