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Behaviors are a form of communication, especially for children and teens that have not fully developed the skills needed to communicate effectively. At Charis Behavioral Health, our Dallas-Fort Worth clinicians focus on gaining insight into what the problematic behavior means, what need is being met, and use therapeutic interventions to reduce problematic behaviors and increase effective coping.

Teen Risk Behaviors

  • Self Harm/Cutting

    Self-harm can manifest differently for everyone, but some common ways include cutting, scratching, burning, and hitting self. Some teens resort to self-harm as a way to process their negative emotions, punish themselves, or to gain a sense of control.

  • Defiance

    Adolescence involves a period of separation and individuation when the teen seeks to define their own identity outside of the family. This process involves a renegotiation of the parent/child relationship, which often causes defiance and conflict.

  • Truancy

  • Angry Outbursts

How to Help Your Child with Behavioral Problems

  • Explore Your Own Reactions

    As parents, we need to explore our own emotions and reactions before responding. This models healthy processing for a teen and also allows for the parent to think through and plan an approach.

  • Ask Open Ended Questions

    Ask open ended questions and allow your child to express their emotions in a productive way. If you do not understand the child’s point of view, ask more questions to make sure they know you understand them.

  • Use A Calm Voice

    If necessary, tell your child that you need a specific amount of time to think things over and that you will come back to the subject.

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Mental Health Treatment Programs for DFW Children Suffering From Behavior Problems

Intensive Outpatient Program+

IOP treatment is a level of care used to treat behavioral problems in kids and teens. The Charis Intensive Outpatient Program+ (IOP) gives your child a unique opportunity to spend time focusing on how to find healing for themselves. Once your child gains the tools needed in our PHP level of care, they will have the opportunity to implement and test those tools while they receive support from our Dallas-Fort Worth clinical team.

Partial Hospitalization Program+

PHP is a level of care used to treat behavioral problems that are impacting the daily functioning of a child or teen. During Partial Hospitalization Program+ (PHP) treatment, the goal is for the child and family to gain the skills needed, process underlying concerns, and stabilize symptoms. At Charis, we believe in treating the family system as a whole, so we provide treatment for the entire family to prepare for a step down to the IOP level of care.

Behavioral Assessment for Teens

Behavior Assessment System for Dallas-Fort Worth Children & Teens

At Charis Behavioral Health, we utilize the Zung Assessment Tool to assess for behavior problems. This assessment tool is evidence-based and allows our treatment team to get a full picture of how to best treat behavior problems specific to your child. Our team in Dallas-Fort Worth also implements many other assessment tools such as the in-home assessment, psychological evaluation, and biopsychosocial assessment to gain a full understanding of a teen’s behavior problems.

How DFW Adolescents & Kids With Behavior Problems Can Benefit From IOP+ & PHP+
Dallas-Fort Worth Child Behavioral Therapy

Charis provides intensive therapy at different levels of care for teens struggling with behavior problems. This includes group therapy, individual therapy, and family therapy during our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP+) & Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP+).

Child Behavior Modification Techniques

Charis therapists use evidence-based treatment models to enhance treatment results in kids dealing with behavior problems. Contact our team in DFW today to learn more about how the programming at Charis Behavioral Health can help your child!

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