Dallas-Fort Worth Childhood Trauma Treatment

Trauma Treatment Programs for Children

DFW IOP+ & PHP+ Treatment Center for Childhood Trauma

Charis Behavioral Health provides treatment programs for children and teens that have experienced trauma. The staff at Charis are all trained in trauma-informed care, providing a safe environment for your child to process the trauma that they have experienced.

Childhood Sexual Abuse & PTSD

According to the CDC, 1 in 3 female rape victims experienced it for the first time between the ages of 11-17. 1 out of 8 of these victims report experiencing sexual abuse before the age of 10. Childhood sexual abuse is an adverse childhood experience that can impact how a person thinks, acts, and feels throughout their entire lifetime. At Charis Behavioral Health, evidence-based treatment models are used to intervene and reduce symptoms of PTSD.

How to Help Your Child with Trauma

  • Schedule Therapist Assessment

    Take your child in for an assessment with a therapist. It is important to get recommendations from a clinician in order to determine treatment needs for your child.

  • Remind Your Child That You Will Keep Them Safe

    Continue to remind your child that you will keep them safe and help them to identify when they feel the most safe.

  • Give Extra Support & Encouragement

    Give extra support at bedtime. Encourage your child to journal, draw, or talk about their feelings.

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Mental Health Treatment for DFW Kids & Teens Suffering From Trauma

Intensive Outpatient Program+

The IOP program at Charis Behavioral Health focuses on enhancing your child’s ability to regulate their responses to distressing memories, sensations, and experiences. Goals might include increasing communication between child and caregiver, implementing coping strategies, and focusing on changing the trauma narrative.

Partial Hospitalization Program+

The PHP program at Charis Behavioral Health is designed to treat childhood trauma with specific goals and interventions based on the child’s needs. The goals can include reducing external stressors that trigger a trauma response, encourage help-seeking behaviors, and process how the trauma impacts the individual and family.
Trauma Assessment For Teens

Child Trauma Assessment in Dallas-Fort Worth

Charis Behavioral Health uses the Adverse Childhood Experiences Questionnaire to screen for childhood trauma. In addition, Charis uses many other assessments such as a biopsychosocial assessment, PTSD screening tools, and the at-home consultation to gain a full understanding of the child and family needs.
Dallas-Fort Worth IOP+ & PHP+ Therapy for Childhood Trauma

At Charis Behavioral Health, therapy for childhood trauma is individualized, focused on processing the trauma in the safest way possible for the child. Evidence-based therapeutic interventions and treatment models are used to treat the many complexities of trauma.

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