Our IOP+ & PHP+ Therapy Programs

Every child speaks a different healing language which is why we offer multiple treatment modalities for self expression including art therapy, equine-connected therapy, yoga mindfulness and more.
  • charis@home

    At Charis, a child’s treatment involves the whole family. It creates an opportunity for reflection, healing, communicating and working together. In our charis@home family program, each family member who plays a significant role in your child’s life is included. We approach the family in a unique way that allows changes at home to parallel changes at Charis. Our charis@home consultation takes place in the home and provides parents the opportunity to collaborate with a therapist and create a specific-to-their-family plan that provides solutions related to safety, communication, boundaries and attachment. Our specialized approach offers practical and lasting interventions that ignite change and positively impact the family as a whole.

  • Charis Unplugged

    Many kids thrive when given the opportunity to connect with nature and find healing in the great outdoors. In the current age of technology, this is becoming a lost experience.

    The Charis Unplugged Program is held off site on a sprawling ranch west of the metroplex. This program delivers all the therapeutic benefits of the Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) day and is simply outdoors so kids can “unplug” and ground themselves.

    Charis Unplugged provides a unique arena for process groups, psychoeducation and individual therapy lead by a team of licensed clinicians. This gives kids and teens an opportunity to heal with the support of therapy dogs, horses, goats, and many other furry and feathered friends. Kids can pause and take respite from their day-to-day to find serenity within themselves in nature.

  • Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation

    Charis incorporates yoga, mindfulness and meditation into daily programming. Learning to ground oneself in peace despite a world of chaos is paramount in the healing and growing process. Children will become more connected to their bodies as they learn to regulate their emotions, thoughts, breath and behaviors.

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