DFW Treatment for ADHD in Children

ADHD Treatment Center for Teens

Dallas-Fort Worth IOP+ & PHP+ Treatment Center for ADHD in Teens & Kids

Charis Behavioral Health provides a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) & Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for ADHD treatment in children and teens. Our treatment center model works to increase your child’s ability to manage ADHD symptoms. Through a variety of creative therapeutic interventions that are best suited for each adolescent, Charis works to increase your child’s ability to meet expectations, increase their attention span, and achieve their optimal functioning.

Does My Child Have ADHD?

According to the Diagnostic Statistical Manual, symptoms of ADHD include both hyperactive and inattentive symptoms such as:
  • Often has trouble holding attention on tasks or activities

  • Often does not seem to listen when someone is speaking directly to them

  • Often does not follow through on instructions, such as completing homework

  • Often fidgets, squirms, or leaves seat

  • Often talks excessively

  • Often interrupts, intrudes, or has difficulty waiting their turn

How to Help Your Child with ADHD

There are many ways you can help your child with ADHD.

  • Schedule Therapist Assessment

    Take your child in for an assessment with a therapist. It is important to get recommendations from a clinician in order to determine treatment needs for your child.

  • Establish Structure

    Establish structure for your child and try to stick to routines as much as possible. Use timers, clocks, and a simple schedule.

  • Increase Movement

    Increase your child’s movement and try to make sure they are getting enough sleep.

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DFW Mental Health Treatment Programs for Children Suffering From ADHD

Intensive Outpatient Program+

The IOP program at Charis Behavioral Health for children and teens with ADHD is designed to provide clinical support as your child discovers the best strategies to manage negative ADHD symptoms. While reducing negative effects of the disorder, your child will learn to optimize their strengths for success.

Partial Hospitalization Program+

The PHP program at Charis Behavioral Health for children and teens with ADHD is designed to treat severe ADHD. This treatment program targets behaviors such as behavioral concerns, academic concerns, and issues with impulsivity and self-control that are associated with ADHD.

ADHD Assessment For Adolescents

ADHD Assessment for DFW Children & Adolescents

Charis Behavioral Health provides a psychological evaluation for each child. This includes comprehensive testing for ADHD.
How DFW Kids With ADHD Can Benefit From IOP+ & PHP+
ADHD Medication for Dallas-Fort Worth Children

We treat ADHD with the whole child in mind. Children and adolescents have bodies and brains that are still developing, and because of this, our Dallas-Fort Worth medical staff is thoughtful and intentional in the recommendation and prescribing of ADHD medications. Through the utilization of genetic testing, we are able to gain insights into which medications may have the greatest efficacy and apply this knowledge in the guidance of current and future medications.

Therapy for ADHD Child in DFW

Therapy for ADHD at Charis Behavioral Health focuses on decreasing symptoms and providing an opportunity for your child to tolerate and manage their ADHD symptoms. Through patient-specific interventions such as relaxation training and organizational strategies, therapy goals can include improving your child’s behavior, self-esteem, and self-control.

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